Welcome to SK Insights, the hub of visionary thinking and strategic expertise committed to delivering impactful results. SK Insights is a Washington, DC-based women-owned international development consulting company that provides technical and management consulting services to clients, including international and bilateral donors, implementing partners, and business enterprises in developing countries. Our mission is straightforward: to empower business enterprises to grow, foster economic growth, and promote self-sustainability within countries. Our specialized services include developing strategic plans, enhancing organizational capacity, fostering public-private partnerships for sustainable economic growth, facilitating domestic and international market linkages, increasing women’s participation in the workforce and leadership positions, and assisting businesses in accessing international donor funding for business growth. Join us on this transformative journey where expertise, collaboration, and a steadfast commitment to sustainable growth converge.

Sadia Khawar

President & CEO

I am an accomplished business strategist for non-government organizations, leveraging over 16 years of expertise in the conception, management, and execution of international development projects. As a sector-agnostic expert, my focus encompasses private sector engagement, enterprise development, domestic and export market linkages, youth employment and entrepreneurship, women’s economic empowerment, and human and institutional capacity strengthening in developing countries.

As the Founder and President of SK Insights, my mission is to empower private businesses to thrive and help navigate the intricacies of partnering with international donors for their business expansion endeavors. Serving as a trusted thought partner, I facilitate the alignment of companies’ growth initiatives and expansion plans with the donor’s developmental impact objectives. I support private businesses in identifying relevant funding opportunities and crafting compelling grant proposals, allowing organizations to concentrate on their core business growth.

With a master’s degree in Development Economics, I have a solid background in building public-private partnerships and facilitating market linkages, writing technical and cost proposals for private businesses, and designing and delivering donor-funded firm-level technical assistance programs to enhance businesses’ productivity and competitiveness. My specialization extends to managing USAID-funded acquisition and assistance awards, where I have played a pivotal role in co-creating sustainable solutions with the private sector. I have been instrumental in growing companies’ international development contracts and assistance awards portfolios. .

My international work experience spans various countries, including Afghanistan, Cambodia, Germany, Maldives, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Vietnam, and 17 countries in the West Africa region. This experience has given me a profound understanding of diverse cultures and contexts, allowing me to effectively navigate and deliver results in challenging environments.



SK Insights specializes in providing tailored technical and management solutions for international development institutions as well as businesses and social enterprises worldwide.

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